Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the need of the hour. Who would have thought that promoting your brand website could help you enable an entirely new stream of revenue? To simplify the term affiliate marketing, it is a process where you can earn a commission for marketing a third party’s products on our domain. Seventy9 Media is gateway to the best affiliate marketing strategies. We are a Mumbai based affiliate marketing agency, inspired to create a better brand experience.

But, to do so creating a rapport with your audience is essential, so that you can sell them these affiliate products without them losing interest in your brand. That’s where Seventy9 Media comes in! With our Affiliate Marketing experts, we help you add relevant & high margined links on your website so you can create a steadily increasing revenue growth while enhancing your

– B2B (Business to Business)
– B2C (Business to Customer)
– C2C (Customer to Customer)

Marketing experience

The best affiliate marketing ideas can drive traffic on your website by spending less. It is proven that affiliate marketing has a better ROI compared to other marketing solutions.

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