SMS Marketing

Through the rise & fall of various instant messaging platforms, Whatsapp & SMS marketing has aged like a fine wine. We offer the best SMS marketing services in Mumbai. We have an experienced team of specialist who creates SMS campaigns for various brands. SMS campaigns can approach many targets at once. From establishing interpersonal communication, establishing the brand’s core Target Groups & enhancing the brand’s connectivity with its audience could be named a few. You can rely on us for executing the best SMS campaigns and achieve your marketing goals through SMS marketing.

According to a survey, humans’ average attention span lasts only from 8 to 12 seconds, in such times a carefully crafted message in leaser than 160 words proves to be an essential tool in converting a simple customer curiosity into a strong buying impulse. We are experts in Bulk SMS Marketing that gives assured leads and return on investment.

WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp marketing takes you a step further from SMS marketing. With Bulk WhatsApp marketing, it’s easier to promote your brand’s media & social media platforms. WhatsApp marketing allows the creation of multiple groups where cross-promotion of a brand’s digital outlets is possible. We offer the best whatsapp marketing strategies that are suitable for your brand.

Apart from interpersonal communication Bulk WhatsApp Marketing can prove to no advantageous for the following reasons

  • Easy cross-promotion of the digital media of the brand, including the exchange of images, videos, GIFs, live streams, group chats, blogs & apps.
  • – One can create different groups of the same brands according to the TG. Now, different communications could be sent to different groups with ease.
  • – With the inclusion of WhatsApp money, it’s easy to trade with your customers on a single platform without the use of any third-party UPI app.
If you are looking for the best Whatsapp Marketing services, then connect with Seventy9 Media, right away.

Email Marketing

Emails Marketing Services are the new brand editorials exclusively tailored for your client’s engagement. With an email segregation facility availed by major web portals, it has now become increasingly important to craft engaging, precise & relevant content for your clients through email communication. Through Email Marketing, you can target your audience personally and create an exclusive email marketing campaign suitable for them.

A good email can change your spam into sales! Our tried and tested email marketing campaigns help your brand communication stand out away from the clutter in the following ways:

  • Well researched email topics:
    Effectively communicate & educate your clients while creating a strong brand rapport.
  • Cost-effective lead generation:
    Email marketing is the easiest way to communicate with your client without the need of putting a big buck for its promotion.
  • Effective communication management with your target audiences:
    E-mails marketing provide an opportunity to individually interact & address various target groups with effective & relevant communication.
  • The best email marketing strategies
    Our team of experienced strategies offers best email marketing ideas to achieve your business goals.

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