Media Buying & Planning

Media buying and planning is a crucial part any marketing strategy, because it helps ads reach the right audiences. Media buying and planning is not as simple as buying or renting ad space or launching a paid campaign or lead generation campaign on the digital space. The thorough research behind this marketing decision makes the real difference. Catering to the right audience with the right content at the right time is a job of an expert & fortunately, Seventy9 Media is one when it comes to media planning & buying on the digital space.

Here’s how we do Media Buying & Planning
  • The amalgamation of creativity with thorough data analysis. Advanced data monitoring software enables us to find the right audience for advertising &/or lead generation which we use to capture their attention using the right sort of creative bend that speaks with your audience.
  • Constant monitoring of traffic & conversions gives us a clear idea of what works or doesn’t work with the brands’ audience. Thus we can modify our plan of action according to the real-time results, to assure that our objectives are met through the campaign without sustaining a loss of time or resources.
  • Our team of experts help us curate fresh & relevant ideas that leave a scope of optimization of every resource adding a special value to your brands’ identity. Transcending your brand’s name from noun to problem-solver & from a problem-solver to an idea.
If you want to reach the right audience, then Seventy9 Media is your right address to make your Media Planning & Buying decisions accurate.

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